Just three months after HP bought itself into the 3D printer market by making a partnership with established player Stratasys, the company’s first Designjet 3D models are now shipping in Europe, set to start churning out bits and bobs soon. HP is offering two models, the plain Designjet 3D and the Designjet Color 3D which, wait for it,prints in color. We don’t know what the multi-hue model will set you back, but the base model clocks in at €13,000 — about $17,500. That’s roughly $2,500 more than a low-end, non-HP Stratasys additive fabrication printer will cost you, and we’re not sure what else you’re getting for that premium beyond the little chrome HP badge stuck on the top. Expensive? Sure, but we remember a time when color laser printers cost more than cars and now look at ‘em, selling for less than $200 shipped.