Among the best lightweight professional blow dryers are considered the ionic hair dryers. They dry your hair extremly quick and leave it beautifully shiny and strong. These dryers should not leave it frizzy the way the metail coil dryers do. A good ceramic hair dryer is much in demand. When you are looking to buy a good ceramic hair dryer, you will soon realize that it is a great investment because of the away it will handle your hair.

Some of the main characteristics of real good professional blow dryers are below:

  • They are high tech ionic dryers
  • Many are light weight especially taking into account the powerful motor that they use
  • Possess several heat or speed combinations giving you full control on styling your hair. This makes these dryers the best for hair salon use as well as for home
  • They usually Include nano particles such as tourmaline, titanium oxide and silver which keep your hair healthy. They do this by destroying chemicals and bacteria in your hair 
  • They tend to have quite a long motor life (at times up to 1200 hours of hair drying time)
  • Have an independent temperature as well as fan speed, and some even have a cool shot
  • As they have low electromagnetic fields, these dryers are safer and much better for our environment
  • A great many of them have concentrators and difuser attachments
  • They usually have a very quiet motor
  • Many dryers are equipped with concentrator nozzle as well as pick/comb attachments

There are many other features that these quality professional blow dryers have in common and these are just some of them.

A favorite professional blow dryer of mine is the FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000 Dryer. This is a perfect choice when you want to have your hair done quickly and beautifully. Right now it’s quite cheap at Amazon, so grab it while the prices are still low.

Regardless whether you have a shoulder length curly hair or straight short hair, this blow dryer is perfect for each hair type. You can fully style your hair in only 15 minutes or less. At times it feels like it’s a bit heavier than the other blow dryers, however for 15 minutes it really doesn’t make a big difference, at least I haven’t found it to be so. What I particularly like about this brand is that is so extremely quiet! Having a big buzz in my ears for 15 minutes at a time is not fun and this is how I was constantly feeling while having my previous regular blow dryer. Since I’ve switched to this new brand, even my headaches seemed to have disappeared!

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