Our goal is to provide plastic molds and plastic injection molding parts, 3D print, prototype molding and the knowledge and support so more people can execute their ideas. Let’s face it, anyone can come up with an idea. The trick is in the execution! That is where the MYOS community comes into play.

The MYOS community is built up of artists, designers, DIY’ers, inventors, injection molders, Injection molded parts, software developers, hobbyists, engineers, and even robots. The community is open-source, so you can use any of the technology to create anything you want. If you’re new to this sorta thing, don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

There are many open-source systems out on the market. You can build your own CNC machine, print out 3d parts, but you can’t do much when it comes to injection molding and plastics. That is where our team comes into play.

We have all used a “hot glue gun” at one time or another, well those hot glue sticks that you use are actually a form of low temp thermoplastic. Because of their availability and low cost, they are the perfect plastic material for the MYOS Platform. We are going to take the concept of the hot glue gun and that of a high-end plastic injection molding machine and merge them together to provide an open-source table top injection molding machine for Hobbyists, DIY’ers and Inventors all over the world! Our goal is to make a machine that is affordable, economic and has the capabilities not found in any other plastic injection molding machine.

The MYOS Platform can be purchased as a kit or a fully assembled machine, we plan to make systems to fit any budget. We have a low-cost vertical clamp platform that is very easy to build and use, you only need to supply a frame and base. From there we move up to a horizontal platform that comes with a strong frame and base, this allows you to upgrade to a fully automatic platform later. Both of these low-cost machines are great for beginners to start learning about injection molding and thermoplastics because they are very inexpensive and super easy to use. We also have a high-end platform, which is fully automatic and comes with pneumatic solenoids, our HMI human. machine interface and PLC control system. This high-end system will be great for the advanced DIY’er or Inventor because they can automate the process allowing them to produce more parts. All of our MYOS machines will be set up to accept bio-resins and can be operated on a standard 110v electrical outlet.


Our years of experience with plastic injection molding has taught us that thermoplastic resins are very difficult media to work with. In physics terms, they are non-Newtonian and do not flow easily (even at high temperatures). Where the “hot glue sticks” flow readily from the tip of a hot glue gun, directing that flow of melted plastic directly into a mold. Trying to direct the flow of normal melted plastic into a mold is very challenging and presents issues that we will address in the course of this project. We know we can accomplish our goals, our aggressiveness is reflected in the prices we offer these machines and kits for.

 plastic mold

A plastic molding machine without mold is like a car without a road to drive on, so we are going to provide instructions and kits for making plastic injection molds with simple methods that use inexpensive aluminium tooling epoxies. This method of plastic mold making is like any handcraft, it’s fun and fairly easy to learn when you have the guidelines to follow and that is what we will provide in our instructional videos. If you want to build your own molds or use a tooling company, we will provide you with the design standards and knowledge to make sure you can make compatible molds for your MYOS machine.