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What does MYOS stand for?

MYOS stands for Make Your Own Stuff.

What do you mean by open-source hardware?

Open-source hardware shares much of the principles and approach of free and open-source software. In particular, we believe that people should be able to study our hardware to understand how it works, make changes to it, and share those changes with the rest of the community. All files and hardware are licensed under a Share-Alike license, which allows for personal, but not for commercial derivative works, as long as they credit MYOS and release their designs under the same license.

How can I get a MYOS machine?

You can buy any one of the MYOS machines from the MYOS Store page. If you’d prefer to build your own, see the DIY Section on our Forums. You can also check our Reference Section for support documentation.

Who makes the MYOS Platform?

Most of the official MYOS Platforms are manufactured by the MYOS Team in the USA. The MYOS Pro, MYOS Mini, and DIY MYOS brands are trademarked by MYOS Platforms Inc. (a US company).

Which are the official MYOS Platforms?

The official MYOS Platforms are listed on the MYOS Store page. These machines are manufactured by the MYOS Team to ensure a good user experience, compatibility with the open source software, and a quality product.

In general, we try to restrict use of the name “MYOS” to the official machines. If you find a product under a different name but is described as “MYOS compatible”, it’s probably not an official unit made by the MYOS Team, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work with your MYOS machine.

I want to design my own machine; what should I do?

The reference designs for the MYOS machines are available from the Reference page. They’re licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, so you are free to use and adapt them for your own needs without asking permission or paying a fee, but you cannot sell anything for a profit. If you’re looking to make something of interest to the community, we’d encourage you to discuss your ideas on the hardware development forum so that potential users can offer suggestions.

What should I call my platform?

If you’re making your own platform, come up with your own name! This will allow people identify you with your products and help you to build a brand. Be creative: try to suggest what people might use the platform for, or emphasize the form factor, or just pick a random word that sounds cool. “MYOS” is a trademark of MYOS Platforms Inc. and should not be used for unofficial variants. If you’re interested in having your design included in the official MYOS product line, please contact the MYOS Team.

While unofficial products should not have “MYOS” in their name, it’s okay to describe your product in relation to the MYOS project and platform. Here are a few guidelines that explain which uses we consider reasonable.

Not okay:

  • MYOS Xxxxxx
  • Xxxxxx MYOS
  • MYOS Compatible Xxxxxx – use “Xxxxxx (MYOS-Compatible)” instead


  • Xxxxxx for MYOS – products that work with official MYOS Platform (e.g. stack, shields or kits)
  • Xxxxxx (MYOS-Compatible) – variations and clones which are software and hardware compatible

Can I build a commercial product using the MYOS Platform?

Yes, with the following conditions:

  • Physically using a MYOS machine to produce a commercial product does not require you to disclose or open-source any information about its design.
  • Deriving the design of a commercial product from the MYOS Community requires you to release the modified product under the same Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. You may manufacture and sell the resulting product.
  • Using the MYOS Platform and libraries for the development of a commercial product does not require you to release any proprietary information.
  • The source code for the MYOS development environment is covered a Share-Alike license, which requires any modifications to be open-sourced under the same license. It does however prevent the sale of derivative software or its inclusion in commercial products.

In all cases, the exact requirements are determined by the applicable license. Additionally, see the previous question for information about the use of the name “MYOS”.

Can I use the MYOS software with other Platforms?

Yes, although it may require some modifications to the MYOS core libraries. See the MYOS Forums for more details.

Can I use an Arduino board with my MYOS Platform?

Yes, Arduino can be interfaced with any open-source technology. We don’t offer support for Arduino projects but you can get support from other members on the MYOS Forums.

Where is the troubleshooting section?

If the Frequently Asked Questions didn’t help, then you can check out our MYOS Reference section. There you will find helpful support documents that should answer your questions. Plus, you can always post a topic on our MYOS Forums.